Healthy Eating

eat healthy

I have always wanted to ask a nutritionist questions about what I needed to do to eat healthy. You do not have to look far on the internet to find out what they are saying. Here are some things that they will probably tell you.

Eat Real Food

If you pick up a container of cereal, take a look at the ingredients on the package. I bet you can only pronounce half of them. Cut out the overly processed chemically engineered foods, and go straight to the source. Real food, not the fake stuff.

Start your day off with breakfast

Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and gets you fueled up to start your day

Drink water

Quenching your thirst by sipping throughout the day is the best way to replenish fluids naturally lost. It will help you with your digestion. We all need water to survive.

Avoid Soda

Two words. Sodium and sugar. That is basically all that you are drinking.

Don’t skip meals

This sets you up for a metabolic double-whammy by slowing down your metabolism and causing you to be starving later on, which can ultimately lead to overdoing it or making poor choices than you would have otherwise.

Limit Fast Food

Some places are offering healthy choices, but many are still serving huge portions and not the best food to get.

The last thing is, listen to your body, and do the best you can. Enjoy every meal. You will be glad you did.

Lisa B

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