Infused Water the Perfect Refresher


Spring is a time for increased activity and rejuvenation so it’s the perfect time to make a healthy commitment to drinking more water. Did you know that nearly every cell in your body needs water to function properly and our bodies are made of up to 60% water? It’s clear that water is essential for life.

Benefits of Staying Hydrated

There are so many benefits to staying hydrated, including preventing allergy symptoms. Here are just a few more ways that water helps your body:

Transports nutrients and oxygen through your body
Protects your organs and keeps them functioning optimally
Keeps your body temperature normal
Lubricates and cushions joints
Aides in digestions and helps to eliminate waste
Make Infused Water at Home

Sometimes plain water is just that, plain. It doesn’t have to be! Here’s a thirst quenching idea. Try infusing water with fruits, vegetables and herbs for a tastier sip.

All you need to infuse your own water at home is a large jar or pitcher, filtered water, and your choice of flavorful additions. Simply chop up your additions and add water. To fully infuse the flavors, let your combination sit for up to a day before drinking.

Infused Water Flavor Combinations

Below are some of our favorite infused water combinations but don’t be afraid to think outside the bottle and experiment with new flavor combinations at home. The possibilities really are endless!

Strawberry + Lemon + Basil
Grapefruit + Rosemary
Pineapple + Cucumber + Mint
Orange + Ginger + Parsley
Watermelon + Jalapeno
Peach + Blackberry + Sage
Green Apple + Carrot + Lemongrass
Blueberry + Lime + Cilantro

So let the hydration begin!
Have you tried making your own infused water at home? I would love for you to share your favorite flavor combinations, by commenting below or via email,, can’t wait to hear your great recipes for infused water.

Kelli B 💻

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