Fitness Questions


In my continuing quest to get better fit, I am searching for answers to my questions about fitness. The following are a couple of things that I found interesting on the internet.

What does cardio really do?

My first reaction was it burns calories right? The answer is yes and something else. According to personal trainer Greg Justice, “You may lose weight faster doing cardio only, but unfortunately it’s the wrong kind of weight”. Just cardio alone burns away both fat and muscle. So you have to insert strength workouts into your routine. He suggests weight training done at a fast pace. An example of that would be kettlebell training

Can you do cardio on an empty stomach?

Okay don’t laugh, you know you thought about it. This comes from the idea that if you don’t have calories available by doing cardio, your body will go into your fat storage area and burn it. According to recent research, fat burn is consistent whether you have eaten or not. It could reduce muscle because of your body needing that energy. You just need a snack before doing any cardio. See Kelli’s heart healthy “Organic Dark Chocolate Energy Bites” in our recipe section of our blog for a great workout food alternative.

How many calories do you really burn when running versus walking?

According to personal trainer Amy Roberts, if you run at seven miles per hour, you burn 25 percent of your calories from fat, while walking at half that speed burns 40 percent from fat. It looks like walking burns more calories. If you need some walking routines, check my blog in Fit for Life called “Walk On”.

Some more things I found out. The muscles in your legs are the largest in your body and when you work that part, you actually burn more calories. Also, you can’t spot reduce fat. (I wish that were true). You really need to have a workout routine to wake up all of those muscles in your body.

For more newbie fitness inquires check back. I’m sure there will be many.

Lisa B

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