A Kettlebell Routine


Hey you kettlebell swingers. Hopefully by now you have bought your kettlebell and have mastered those two examples that we put out a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s time to put some more together to get a full body workout routine going that you could do three times a week. KB found a good combo workout on Y-Tube which we have provided the link below.
Kasia Sitarz and Ryan Shanahan host the video. Take a look.


It consists of

6 moves for a total kettlebell body routine that you can do.

On each move you do 20 reps each of

20 kettlebell front swings

20 lunge alternating

20 kettlebell planks

20 figure eight twists

20 chess press sit-ups

soccer step up

You may want to watch this a couple of time to make sure you do them properly, or you may take a few of these exercises and combine them with other moves that work best for you. If you are up for this, start off with a lighter weight kettlebell. The equipment should be available at any sporting goods, Target or Wal-Mart store.

Lisa B

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