Easy Steps for a Healthy Spring!



With the weather clearing and days lengthening, it’s the perfect time to go outside and feel the new energy of spring. Here are a few easy suggestions for creating some new beginnings this spring.

Take a two-week break from alcohol, caffeine, sugar or nicotine as a way to cleanse your body.

Adjust your diet and resist eating hydrogenated fats; start eating more of the good fats found in nuts and fish. This will also help promote liver and gallbladder health.

Take advantage of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Add more sprouts and legumes to your diet, like red lentils and garbanzo beans.

Get outdoors, enjoy the sun, look at the blooms and watch your stress melt away.

Update or begin an exercise program.

Start a journal to help create some much needed reflection and clarity for the coming months. Make plans to get out of the routine and habits you have made over the winter. Write out a list of places around your community you haven’t visited, make a plan to get out and experience life.

Laugh, smile, and be filled with joy, it’s a new season full of life and newness. Make adjustments to your attitude.

Spring has sprung, jump into some healthy changes that will benefit every area of your life.

Kelli Bennett 💻

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